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Initial-D Charactors Brickheads | CaDA C55001-5w

Initial-D Charactors Brickheads | CaDA C55001-5w

Initial-D 25'th Aniversary Charactors Collection


Initial D is a story about racing, but it is also a tale of fulfilling your potential and personal growth. You can now collect six of the characters as a BrickHead model. Takumi Fujiwara, the world’s most famous tofu delivery boy, is accompanied by both of the Takahashi brothers, team Emperor leader Kyoichi Sudo, and Natsuki Mogi, Fujiwara’s girlfriend. Check Collection's Blog>>


Takumi Fujiwara | C55001W 

The series’ main protagonist, Takumi is probably Japan’s most famous tofu delivery driver. Years of honing his skills on the treacherous winding tough mountain roads of Gunma prefecture in inland Japan have silently molded him to become one of the most skilled racers out there. While initially not particularly interested in street racing and competition, a simple coincidence awakens a sense of honor and ambition that drives him to start competing in his Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. His timid exterior hides a stubborn and extremely focused driver.


Keisuke Takahashi | C55002W

Takumi’s very first rival and later team mate, Keisuke is the hot blooded and instinct driven half of the Takahashi brothers. A sore loser, Keisuke Takahashi’s pride was shattered when he was overtaken by a simple Toyota Trueno AE86 during one of his practice runs with his Mazda RX-7. He would later become one of the principal drivers of the new Project D team, alongside Takumi.


Kyoichi Sudou | C55003W 

Kyoichi is a professionally trained driver who is counted as one of the best racers out there. Like his rival Ryosuke of Project D, he is a calculated driver with a calm demeanor. He believes in the superiority of his formal training and of his Mitsubishi Lancer, and he can be considered to be the first driver to have defeated Takumi, due to a blowout of the latter’s engine.


Natsuki Mogi | C55004W

Natsuki is Takumi’s first girlfriend who is actually the only person not afraid when driven by him in the Trueno AE86. Her complicated past eventually turns out to be an enormous test to both herself and Takumi.


Ryosuke Takahashi | C55005W

Nicknamed The White Comet of Akagi, Ryosuke is the leader of the Akagi RedSuns and later Project D. A calculating and tactical minded driver, Ryosuke was unbeaten until he encountered Takumi, prompting him to create a new team around the racing prodigy and his brother Keisuke. Acting as a mentor to both, he taught them to control their instincts to become even better.

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